Add Your Name to Support Healthy, Productive Forests in Washington State

Misguided proposals to create tens of thousands of more acres of unmanaged forestland would risk unleashing more catastrophic wildfires without producing more carbon storage offsets. We recognize that managed forests are a critical tool for fighting climate change and preventing catastrophic wildfire.

YESplease add my name to the list* of those who are concerned about misguided and risky proposals to create more unmanaged forestland acreage across Washington.

* Thank you for adding your name to Healthy Productive Forests Washington.  Below are answers to some common questions about membership in our coalition.

  1. Adding your name to Healthy Productive Forests Washington simply confirms that you are joining other Washington citizens, organizations and businesses to promote policies that support fighting climate change and reducing catastrophic wildfire by using managed forests and harvested wood as a critical tool.
  2. Signing doesn’t obligate you. You do not need to contribute time or money, or attend any meetings or make public statements. You’re invited to be more actively involved, and we will reach out to let you know when opportunities are available. However, any further involvement beyond being listed as a supporter is 100% voluntary.
  3. To show the breadth of our support, lists of our signers may from time to time be used in materials such as fact sheets, this website, brochures, letterhead and possibly in advertisements. By signing, you’re giving permission for HPFW to list your name and/or your business/organization name publicly as a member of our coalition.
  4. All HPFW statements will be based on verifiable facts and information, and all publications and activities of our coalition will be conducted in strict compliance with all relevant state and federal laws and regulations.
  5. All lists of individual members will note that any titles and affiliations are for identification purposes only and do not imply the endorsement of affiliated businesses or groups unless expressly indicated.
  6. Your contact information and the information of other signers will be used solely for communications between our coalition and members. Member addresses and other contact information will not be sold to any other groups, organizations or businesses.