Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our members and visitors. This plainly written Privacy Policy has been developed to meet standards promoted by leading privacy organizations.

When and how we gather personal information

We only collect personal information from you (including information such as your name, email address, mailing address and phone number) on a voluntary basis. Most of the content on the website is accessible without giving us any personal information. Where personal information is required to access or activate certain features of the website, your choice to opt-in by providing your information is clear and full transparency is maintained. The personal information you volunteer is the only personal information we will collect.

How your personal information is (and isn’t) used

We do not sell any information (personal or otherwise) about our members or visitors to any third parties.

Some activities involve the sharing of personal information with third parties, such as petitions, email campaigns or calls to action expressly intended to communicate with elected representatives, public officials or media organizations. Your participation in those activities is voluntary. We will make clear in each case who the target(s) of each action are and we encourage you to consult with the privacy policies of those third parties about how they might use your personal information after it is shared.

You will have an opportunity to permit us to share personal information we have collected with allied partners. If you do not give us permission to share your information (also known as “opting in”), we will never share your information with anyone for any reason.

Text messaging opt-in data, consent and related collected personal information will not be shared with or sold to any third parties unless required by law.

How non-personal information is gathered and used

It is our goal to ensure the best experience for our members and visitors as possible. We use “cookie” technology to gather non-personal data (including numbers of visitors, numbers of views of specific pages, IP address, browser and/or operating system type, device type, and other data) in order to better understand how visitors are engaging and interacting with the site and its content. The data is utilized strictly for content analysis and site improvement. We do not use cookie technology to extract any personal information about our visitors.


We maintain “opt-in” and “opt-out” email lists for sending out newsletters and occasional special updates about issues affecting working forestry in Washington. At any time you may “opt-out” and remove your email address from our file. At the bottom of every email there is an “unsubscribe” link, or you can contact us at info@wfpa.org to request removal.

Linked content

From time to time, we will link to other sites in its content. Our privacy policy does not extend to sites to which we link. Be a savvy Internet traveler and consult the privacy policies of those linked sites for specific policies.


We take appropriate steps to secure your information against unauthorized access and use.

Contact Us

For answers to question about our privacy practices, please contact us at info@wfpa.org.

(Last Updated: November 17, 2023)